Bakson Astha Aid Drops (30ml)

Bakson Astha Aid Drops (30ml)


Used in Breathing Problems, Bronchitis, Suffocative Cough, wheezing


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Also known as

Asthma aid


90 (gms)
3.8 (cm) x 3.8 (cm) x 9.8 (cm)

Bakson Astha Aid Drops

Indications of Bakson Astha Aid Drops

  • Difficulty in breathing from least exercise
  • Breathlessness, Wheezing, Rattling of Mucous
  • Tightness and Oppression Of chest is relieved with help of Bakson Astha Aid Drops

Composition of Bakson Astha Aid Drops

Blatta Orientalis 3x:  A remedy for breathlessness. Especially when associated with bronchitis. Cough with difficulty in breathing.

Justicia Adhatoda 3x:   Highly efficacious medicine for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract, suffocative  attacks with obstruction of respiration.

Senega 3x:  Bronchial catarrh, with sore chest walls.

Lobelia Inflata 3x

Ipecacuanha 3x:   Persistent nausea and vomiting is associated with cough. Continued sneezing; coryza; wheezing cough. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath. Dyspnea, constant constriction in throat.

Grndelia Robusta 3x:  Breathlessness conditions, chronic breathing problems with profuse expectoration, cannot breathe lying down.

Magnesia Phosphorica 3x:  Oppression of chest. Dry, tickling cough. Spasmodic cough, with difficulty in lying down.

Directions of use of Bakson Astha Aid Drops

Adults: 10-15 drops thrice a day in some water. During acute phase with breathing discomfort it can be used for inhalation also through nebulisers in ration of 1:1 with water.

Children: Half the adult dose, or as prescribed by the physician.

Precautions while using Bakson Astha Aid Drops

Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use.

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication.


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