Bakson Biochemic Combination 19 (25g)

Bakson Biochemic Combination 19 (25g)


For Joint & Muscle Pain, Stiff Neck & Shoulder, Sciatica, Backache


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Also known as

Bc 19, Bio Comb 19, Bio Comb No 19


98 (gms)
4.3 (cm) x 4.3 (cm) x 7 (cm)

Bakson Biochemic Combination 19

  • BC 19- Joint and Muscle pain.
  • Joints form the connections between bones. They provide support and help in movement. Any damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with movement and cause a lot of pain.
  • Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Strains, Sprains and other injuries.
  • Muscle pain (Myalgia) can range from mild to excruciating and though it often goes away in a few days, some muscle pain can linger for months.
  • Muscle pain is most frequently related to tension, overuse or muscle injury from exercise or physically-demanding work. In these situations, the pain tends to involve specific muscles and starts during or just after the activity.
  • Muscle pain also can be a sign of conditions affecting whole body, like some infections (including the flu) and disorders that affect connective tissues throughout the body

Indication of Bakson Biochemic Combination 19

  • Articular and muscular rheumatism, Inflammatory and febrile complaints
  • Stiff neck, rheumatic pain in shoulders, shifting, twitching
  • Cramps, lumbago and sciatica is relieved with help of Bakson Biochemic Combination 19

Dosage of Bakson Biochemic Combination 19

Adults : 4 tablets of Bakson Biochemic Combination 19 every three hours or four times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.


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