Bakson Biochemic Combination 2 (450g)

Bakson Biochemic Combination 2 (450g)


Bronchial Asthma, Wheezing and Allergic Cough, Short breath on exertion


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Also known as

Bc 2, Bio Comb 2, Bio Comb No 2


520 (gms)
7.5 (cm) x 7.5 (cm) x 14 (cm)

Bakson Biochemic Combination 2

BC 2- Breathlessness/Asthma

  • Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry air to and from lungs. It attacks all age groups but often starts in childhood.
  • It is a chronic disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency from person to person.
  • Risk factors for developing Asthma include inhaling asthma “triggers”, such as allergens, tobacco smoke and chemical irritants.
  • In an attack, the lining of the passages swell causing the airways to narrow and reducing the flow of air in and out of the lungs.
  • Biochemic combination tablet 2 is useful as a supportive medicine in Asthma.

Indication of Bakson Biochemic Combination 2

  • Breathlessness/breathing difficulty with yellow sputum, worse in the evening, accompanied by cough or troublesome flatulence.
  • Dyspnoea aggravated by food or exertion is relieved with Bakson Biochemic Combination 2
  • Breathlessness with troublesome flatulence or spasms.

Dosage of Bakson Biochemic Combination 2

Adults : 4 tablets of Bakson Biochemic Combination 2 every three hours or four times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.


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