Bakson Hypericum Ointment (25g)

Bakson Hypericum Ointment (25g)


Your perfect partner during outings and trips, for wounds and cuts


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45 (gms)
13.5 (cm) x 2.3 (cm) x 3.3 (cm)

About Baksons Hypericum Cream

It is a great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails. Crushed fingers, especially tips. Punctured wounds. Relieves pain after operations. Spasms after every injury. Has an important action on the rectum; hemorrhoids. Neuritis, with tingling, burning pain, numbness and flossy skin.

It work well as a homeopathic remedy for the types of injuries or wounds that feel far more painful than they may appear to the eye. Where the injury feels sore, bruised, tearing, sharp, or shooting would benefit from the use of Hypericum. Injuries to nerve-rich areas. It is often recommended for puncture wounds from such things as splinters, nail wounds or bites.  Hypericum is often recommended to help ease post operation pain.

ndications of Baksons Hypericum Cream

  • Nerve Injuries
  • Punctured Wounds
  • Wounds that suppurates

Ointments or gels or creams are external applications used for external complaints. Oils, Ointments, Creams are easily penetrating and absorbed easily and gives good results.

How to use Baksons Hypericum Cream

  • Apply Baksons Hypericum Cream externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area.


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