Beardo Lip Lightener for Men, 7g

Beardo Lip Lightener for Men, 7g


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  • HELPS LIGHTEN DARKENED LIPS: Beardo Lip Lightener is specially formulated with Vitamin E, C, A from natural ingredients along with Glutathione which is known to lighten the tone of darkened lips affected by prolonged use of nicotine
  • NON-GLOSSY & NON-TINTED: Beardo Lip Lightening balm is specially made for men’s lips and therefore it is non-glossy and non-tinted.
  • HYDRATES & HEALS: Beardo Lip Lightener Balm contains natural ingredients like Argan butter, Mango butter, Sweet Almond oil and Sunflower oil which are known to hydrate & heal chapped and cracked skin.


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Product Description

Beardo Mele Grooming Products Expert

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. My lips have become black due to smoking, will this cure them n bring back my original lip color?

This will repair your cracked and damages lips and also help you lighten them and restore your lips’ natural tone.

2. How many times should I use to get the results?

It depends on your natural skin tone and other factors, but we recommend to use it for 3 to 4 weeks along with scrubbing your lips. You should also try and quit smoking.

3. Can I use this daily?

Yes of course, you can also apply and leave it overnight for better results.

4.My lips have become dark due to dryness can this make my lips pink?

By using this, your lips will heal and won’t feel dry anymore. However, it will only restore the natural tone of your lips and not make them pink.


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