Dr. Reckeweg R10 (Klimakteran) (22ml)

Dr. Reckeweg R10 (Klimakteran) (22ml)


Relieves Flushes of Heat in women, Attacks of Perspiration, Joint pains


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Also known as

R 10


Ideal For
69 (gms)
3 (cm) x 3 (cm) x 9 (cm)

Indications of  Dr. Reckeweg R10

R10 is useful in Climacteric complaints, flushes of heat, attacks of perspiration, physical weakness, depression, headaches, irregular menstruations, fluor pruritus vulvae, Itching, psychic exhaustion, Indifference.

Mode of Action of Main Ingredients in Dr. ReckewegR10

R10 exerts a favourable biological influence on all ovarian disorders.

Acidum sulfuricum: Physical weakness, flatulence, prostration, flushes followed by perspiration, tendency towards hermorrhage, pruritus vulvae.

Cimicifuga: Endocrine dysfunction, especially during menopause. Psychogenic depression and excitement. Restlessness.

Sanguinaria: Vaso-motoric irritations, alternating heat and cold, nervous irritability, headaches.

Sepia: Hormonal effect, Physical and spiritual weariness, exhaustion, lack of energy, sleepiness, indifference. Rush of heat followed by perspiration. Psychic hypersensitivity and irritability. Sinking feeling in abdomen, excessive fluor, irregular menstruations.

Dosage of Dr. ReckewegR10

  • According to the state of acuteness 3-6 times a day 10-15 drops in some water. When improving, lower the dose of  Dr. ReckewegR10  immediately to 10-15 drops three times daily. It is advisable to continue the medication for a longer period of time at the rate of 10-15 drops, 1-2 days, until the physiological transformation of the body has been reached.
  •  Dr. ReckewegR10  does not contain hormones, which are usually employed. The additional use of such preparations does not influence its biological effectiveness, but will be unnecessary in most cases.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.


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