Hamdard Ayush Joshanda (100g)

Hamdard Ayush Joshanda (100g)


Assists in strengthening the body’s natural defense system and helps fight cold and cough



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About Hamdard Ayush Joshanda

Hamdard Ayush Joshanda is an age old remedy made from several single herbs that are believed to be beneficial for the human body. It helps in the management of sore throat and cough & cold. It can also assist in fighting raised body temperatures and helps keep the body fit and healthy.

It has the power of Rihan / Tulsi, Daechini, sonth, Filfil siyan / kali mirch which can help in boosting the natural defense mechanism of the body.

Ingredients of Hamdard Ayush Joshanda

  • Rihan / Tulsi
  • Daechini
  • Sonth
  • Filfil siyan / kali mirch

Uses/Benefits of Hamdard Ayush Joshanda

  • Helps in getting relief from sore throat
  • Is believed to help fight off harmful germs
  • Assists in the management of cold and cough
  • Aids in strengthening the natural defense system of the body
  • Helps in managing raised body temperatures


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