Hamdard Iksir E Sual (80tab)

Hamdard Iksir E Sual (80tab)


Useful in chest congestion, expels phlegm & provide relief


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79 (gms)
4.5 (cm) x 4.5 (cm) x 6.5 (cm)

About Iksir Sual

Iksir Sual is prepared from natural herbs and helps in clearing away the lung passage from mucus. Iksir Sual helps in giving nourishment to the lungs to fight against the infection. Iksir Sual helps to prevent any future attacks of infection. Iksir Sual is also a wonderful product for sinusitis. Iksir Sual helps in reducing the congestion of the lungs, nose, throat etc. Iksir Sual is a natural herbal product that gives immediate relief in chronic cough. Iksir Sual can be regularly taken to get immediate relief.

Indications of Iksir Sual

  • Chronic cough, watering from the nose and eyes.
  • Remove mucus from the lungs and gives relief in breathing.
  • Asthmatic cough

Ingredients of Iksir Sual

  • Namak Shor
  • Safoof Dama
  • Gond Keekar

Dosage of Iksri Sual

One tablet is to be crushed and mixed with pure honey (one teaspoonful) and taken early in the morning and at bedtime.

Precautions of Iksir Sual

  • keep away from children’s reach.
  • Do not over dose the medicine.
  • Self medication is not recommended.
  • Store in dry and cool place.
  • Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
  • Keep medicine in original package and container.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.


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