Herbalife Brain Health

Herbalife Brain Health


Primary Use

Brahmi** extract helps support mental attention, learning, focus and short term working memory.


Recommended Use

One tablet two times every day


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Product Overview

Feature and benefits

  • Formulated with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge along with established research and technology.

  • Fuel indicator of Brain performance – learning, memory, focus, accuracy, concentration with Brahmi**, also known as Bacopa monnieri.

  • Patented Brahmi** extract with unique phytochemical composition.

  • Brahmi is extensively researched for its functional benefits for a healthy brain and supported by 11 clinical studies.

  • Contain GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certified Brahmi** extract

  • 100% pure Brahmi** extract.

  • Brahmi** extract has been tested at 5 stages to ensure quality.

  • Verified quality of Brahmi** extract having traceability right from the farm.


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