Herbalife immune health

Herbalife immune health


Primary Use 

Standardized extracts of Tulasi and Kalmegh** in this product helps manage the body’s natural immunity and maintain a healthy life.


Recommended Use 

One tablet two times every day


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Product Overview

Feature and benefits

  • Formulated with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge along with established research and technology.

  • Kalmegh** helps manage symptoms of common cold.

  • 100% pure extracts of Kalmegh and Tulasi.

  • Tulasi helps support cellular defence and promotes natural immunity.

  • Kalmegh** extract has been tested at 5 stages to ensure quality.

  • Verified quality of Kalmegh** extract having traceability right from the farm.

  • Contains other traditional ingredients from Ancient Ayurvedic knowledge such as Kutaki.


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