SBL Bio Combination 5 (450g)

SBL Bio Combination 5 (450g)


Coryza (Thick Nasal Discharge), Sinusitis, Sneezing, Nasal Blockage
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Also known as

Bc 5, Bio Comb 5, Bio Comb No 5


529 (gms)
9.4 (cm) x 9.4 (cm) x 12.5 (cm)

SBL Bio Combination 5

BC 5- Coryza

Composition of SBL Bio Combination 5

  • Kalium muriaticum – 3x
  • Natrum muriaticum – 6x
  • Ferrum phosphoricum-3x
  • Kalium sulphuricum – 3x

Indications of SBL Bio Combination 5

  • Coryza with headache & sneezing.
  • Contiunous thick, white discharge from the nose or bronchial tubes due to inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Action of Biochemic medicine in SBL Bio Combination 5

Kalium muriaticum – 3x: sinus pains, ear pains, sore throat, a hard cough with white mucus, and sore throats as well. Cold, stuffy, in head, with whitish grey tongue ; with white, non-transparent, or yellowish discharge.

Natrum muriaticum – 6x: Internal soreness of nose Violent sneezing coryza, Loss of smell and taste,Violent, fluent coryza, lasting from one to three days, then changing into stoppage of nose, making breathing difficult

Ferrum phosphoricum-3x: First stage of colds in the head nose,catarrh; post nasal (see discharge);nose; running or blocked nose Ulcerated sore throat

Kalium sulphuricum – 3x: Obstructed nose, mouth breathing,yellow discharge from the nose.

Dosage of SBL Bio Combination 5

Adults : 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.

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