Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder

Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder


Controls Skin Rashes Due to Heat and Perspiration, Keeps Skin Dry & Fresh

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About Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder

A gentle formulation with the goodness of homoeopathic herbal extracts that keeps your baby cool and refreshed all day long. Enriched with cooling extracts of calendula that refreshes the skin and arnica whichkeeps the skin tender and smooth.it also helps to prevent body odour and stop excessive sweating.

Indications of Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder

  • Helps to preserve and maintain tender skin of the baby.
  • Helps to prevent nappy rashes.
  • Rashes due to excessive heat and perspiration.
  • Keeps skin dry & refresh.

Ingredients of Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder

  • Calendula Extract 1
  • Arnica M. Extract 1x
  • Berberis Aquifolium 1x
  • Ledum Pal. 1x
  • Iodium 1x,
  • Boric Acid 2x
  • Cantharis 1x
  • Hydrastis 1x
  • Echinacea 1x

How to Use Wheezal Calendula Baby Powder

  • Sprinkle liberally after baby’s bath, during nappy change, before bed time or as prescribed by the Physician.

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