Willmar Schwabe India Aesculus Pentarkan (30ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Aesculus Pentarkan (30ml)


Helps in Hemorrhoids, Bleeding, Painful Piles, Varicose Veins


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Aesculus Ptk


80 (gms)
3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 9.5 (cm)

About Aesculus Pentarkan

For predictable results in piles and related problems

  • Effective in bleeding piles with burning pain and prolapse of rectum
  • Covers blind or bleeding haemorrhoids with or without pain
  • Effective in haemorrhoids with constipation
  • Also useful in varicose veins

Composition of Aesculus Pentarkan

Aesculus hippocastanum 1x 30%: An excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. Venous stasis. Hemorrhoids. Rectum feels full of small sticks. Burning in anus with chills up and down the back. Hemorrhoids blind or bleeding. Constipation hard, dry, knotty, white stools. Constant throbbing behind symphysis pubis.

Arnica Montana 2x 10%: Burning in anal region while passing stools, Great straining with hemorrhoids and swelling at anal region.

Calcarea fluorica 6x 10%: Bleeding piles, fissure, fistula.

Carduus marianus 1x 10%: Ineffectual Urging with burning and unsatisfactory.

Collinsonia Canadensis 1x 10%: Congestions; pelvic; reflex from or combined with hemorrhoids, especially cardiac. Rectum – Sensation of sharp sticks or sand in rectum, with cardiac pains. Sense of constriction. Vascular engorgement of rectum. Most obstinate constipation with protruding hemorrhoids.

Excipients Q.S. Alcohol content: 37%

Direction of use of Aesculus Pentarkan

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, Aesculus Pentarkan (WSI) should be taken as follows:

  • For acute complaints, 10-20 drops should be taken at hourly intervals until an improvement occurs, up to a maximum of 12 times a day. For subsequent medication, 10-20 drops should be taken 3 times a day.

Note: For medication during pregnancy and lactation, and for patients with serious liver or alcohol problems, in particular, please note that this product contains alcohol.

Side effects: No side effects of Aesculus Pentarkan(WSI) are known.

Contra-indications: This product is not indicated for children.

Interactions: No interactions between Aesculus Pentarkan (WSI) and other products are known


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