Willmar Schwabe India Alpha DP (Digestive Problems) (20g)

Willmar Schwabe India Alpha DP (Digestive Problems) (20g)


Improves Digestion, Nausea due to Over Eating, Vomiting


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Alpha DP


40 (gms)
4 (cm) x 4 (cm) x 8 (cm)

About Alpha DP (Digestive Problems)

For prompt and effective relief from digestive problems

  • Controls belching, flatulence and abdominal discomfort
  • Stops nausea/vomiting, dyspepsia and exhaustion
  • Restores lowered vital power due to loss of fluids
  • Useful in painful and watery diarrhoea and associated weakness

Action of Composition in Alpha DP

Each tablet of 250 mg contains:

Arsenicum album 8x 25 mg: Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Great thirst; drinks much, but little at a time. Gastralgia from slightest food and drink.

Croton tiglium 6x 25 mg: Copious watery stools, with much urging; always forcibly shot out, with gurgling in intestines.

Okoubaka 2x 25 mg: It is indicated for gastroenteritis following the ingestion of putrid food. It is also recommended for food intolerance, and temporary alterations of diet for example when travelling to foreign places. Poisoning by food, chemical drugs, tobacco, and chemical additives to food.

Veratrum album 3x 25 mg: Anguish in pit of stomach. Great weakness after vomiting. Gastric irritability with chronic vomiting of food.

Carbo vegetabilis 3x 25 mg: Eructations after eating and drinking. Temporary relief from belching. Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double. Distress comes on a half-hour after eating. Pain as from lifting a weight; colic from riding in a carriage, flatulent colic, Abdomen distended.

Excipients Q.S. to make 250 mg

Direction of use

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, the following dose schedule is recommended:

  • Adults : During the acute phase of symptoms, every hour (or every quarter of an hour) 1-2 tablets. In less acute cases and as prevention of symptoms, 3 times a day, 1-2 tablets.
  • Children of 6 years and older : During the acute phase of symptoms, 1-2 tablets every hour. In less acute cases and as prevention of symptoms, 3 times daily 1-2 tablets. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

Side effects: No side effects of Alpha -DP are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Alpha -DP are known.

Interactions: No interactions between Alpha -DP and other products are known.


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