Willmar Schwabe India Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan (20g)

Willmar Schwabe India Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan (20g)


Relieves Pain during Menstruation, Abdominal Cramps


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Also known as

Mag Phos Ptk


Ideal For
80 (gms)
4 (cm) x 4 (cm) x 7.7 (cm)

About Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan

The natural solution for painful menstruation and associated problems

  • Has an astringent, haemostatic and antispasmodic action
  • Relieves abdominal cramps, colic associated with menstrual pain and ovarian neuralgia, with inward shooting pains
  • Controls profuse clotted discharge of dark blood
  • Relieves backache by removing venous congestion

Composition of Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan

Each tablet of 250 mg contains:

Magnesium phosphoricum 2x 25 mg: Anti spasmodic remedy, with radiating pains, aggravated during menses. Useful in menstrual Colic. Cramping of muscles.

Chamomilla 2x 25 mg: Profuse discharge of clotted blood with irritability and Intolerable pains.

Colocynthis 3x 25 mg: Bearing down pains, with constant desire to pressure which relieves the complaints.

Potentilla anserine Q 100 mg: Spasms of various kind, cramps in calf muscles.

Aesculus hippocastanum 1x 25 mg: Venous congestion, particularly in the true pelvis.

Lactose Q.S.

Direction of use of Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1–2 tablets hourly during 1-2 days (acute problems) and 1-2 tablets three times daily as the improvement takes place. Long–term medication with Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan in consultation with the physician is recommended, specially in case of chronic functional dysmenorrhoea.

Side effects: No side effects of Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan are known.

Interactions: None known up to present.


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